Cloud backup provides a highly secure, automated method of protecting your critical business data, whether it's simple file data or more complex databases such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL. It offers a cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to optical or tape backup solutions.

Traditional methods can be very effective, but they require a significant up-front investment and ongoing IT staffing costs. An online backup system avoids all of these problems.

Fast and reliable backup services for servers and desktops

  •   Simple and automatic
    After installing the software we'll take care of the rest. ThinkGrid will automatically back up your data every day without requiring you to do anything. No need to launch an application, remember to insert blank CD-ROMs or connect an external hard drive - nothing. Your PCs default folders are automatically backed up when the machine is switched on, and you can easily add and remove folders to be included in your backup. If you are away from your machine for any length of time, this will be detected and a fresh backup carried out as soon as possible.

  •   Safe and secure
    Though some may have understandable concerns about a third party holding their most valuable data, in reality online backups are very secure. Your backup is stored in a professionally monitored storage environment with redundant power and connection. All backups are encrypted at source and your data can only be read with your own password. Even we can't read it! Online backup solutions like ours are now acknowledged as being the most secure way to backup your data.

  •   Easy access
    You can transfer data back to your PC or to any other system of your choice anywhere in the world whenever you choose. While restoring files you can choose from many different versions - yesterday, last week, three months ago and so on. These older versions can be restored to any location on your hard disk or network. Restoring your files is incredibly simple. This can either be done straight from the software or by logging in through your control panel.

  •   Disaster recovery
    Increased awareness of business continuity issues has been a major factor in the growing popularity of online backup systems. With the rise of information technology and reliance on business-critical information, the importance of protecting irreplaceable data has become a more visible business priority in recent years. Storing it online with regular automated backups offers peace of mind should the worst occur, as your data will be safe and accessible.

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