Unique Computing Solutions, Inc., a full-service Information Technology (IT) consulting firm, provides IT support and IT outsourcing to small and medium-sized Bridgeview businesses.

As your Managed Service Provider, Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. will become your off-site IT department, partnering with you to manage those network-based services and applications that fit your communications needs. While you retain oversight and ownership of your IT equipment, we’ll increase the effectiveness, efficiency and security of your day-to-day operations through network management solutions such as virtual private networks (VPNs), managed firewalls, and monitoring/reporting of network servers.

Why Use UCS to Manage Your IT Services?

Outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider is a strategic decision that increases your IT capabilitiesof your Bridgeview business without breaking your budget. With UCS as your Managed Service Provider, your company will have access to the most sophisticated computer technology as well as the latest security updates without the time and cost of hiring and managing your own IT department.

In today’s business environment, email has become the central and sometimes the only way in which employees communicate with each other and to their customers.

When email goes down, so does your business.

At Unique Computing Solutions, we’re here to manage all of your email needs. Whether using mobile, remote or desktop email access, your business can count on our email management team to make sure your communications remain reliable and secure.

Our Management Solutions Include:
  •    Email system assessment and installation
  •    Email system upgrades
  •    Email hosting and backup
  •    Email spam protection
  •    Ongoing administration and technical support
  •    Cloud backup services
  •    Security Management Portal administration
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Managed Service Plans

At UCS, we don’t provide "one-size-fits-all" solutions. We’ll work with you to create a customer service plan that meets your unique IT needs without breaking your IT budget.
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Email Hosting & Backup

Having UCS host your email offers you nearly limitless online access from any computer, guaranteed security and daily, weekly or monthly backups.
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Email Spam Protection

UCS will trouble-shoot your existing system or recommend the best spam protection products to keep your communications secure.
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Cloud Backup

We provide a highly secure, automated method of protecting your critical business data, whether it's simple file data or more complex databases such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL.
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Security Management Portal

SMP introduces a central management and service provisioning platform that answers your needs as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) targeting SMBs and vertical markets.
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