Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. has over a decade of experience in designing communications cabling systems for large buildings, multi-building campuses, company mergers, data centers, high-tech server rooms, co-location data centers, labs and MAN/WAN networks.

We will take all the pieces of your communications puzzle and configure them into a new, functional, secure, scalable and seamless network.

Our design specialists are here to help you create and reconfigure network designs according to your businesses network topology and traffic patterns. We’re in the field every day helping businesses like yours save money by replacing old, traditional data communication services with newer, more cost effective VPNs.

We offer a free on-site assessment for businesses in Bridgeview. Contact us now!

We work with you, your architects and engineers on:
  •    Pre-design budgeting for the networking project.
  •    Creating Network Topology Diagrams to visually map your business network
  •    Designing and maintaining the project plan for the installation of the cabling system
  •    Network traffic and bandwidth analysis
  •    Network security requirements, and
  •    Reconfiguring software and application integration
Don't trust the planning and relocation of your computer room, server room, labs and all other specialized IT spaces to any one else! The type of network you choose impacts your bottom line. Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. has the expertise and hands-on experience you need to receive cost-effective network designs that ensure minimal network downtime and optimal performance.

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