Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. provides your Bridgeview business with the secure, scalable and reliable networking solutions your employees need to connect and communicate anytime, anywhere and to anyone throughout your company and across the Internet.

Whether you need an entire system design or simply want an upgrade, our Support Services Team in Bridgeview will work with you on and off-site to provide the core networking functions necessary to create and support an intelligent, integrated network that adapts to your current and future business needs.

Network Support Services

Network Configuration

Not all small and medium-sized businesses have the same networking needs. At UCS, we’ll work with you to create, install, implement, and manage a customized network built from the ground up or reconfigure one that’s already in place. Our experts in configuration will come on-site to assess your communications system, then design a custom network to fit your business needs as well as your budget.
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Wireless Networking

Enjoy the freedom of being unplugged. UCS will link your laptops, printers, projectors and security cameras using secure wireless networking technology.
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Network Rooms

UCS will work with you to configure, install and maintain a network room built from the ground up, designed to support and grow with your company’s IT operations.
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Network Design

Whether you’re looking to install a new network or reconfigure an old one, we’ll make sure your business has the right network design for smooth and seamless operations.
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Network Wiring & Cabling

Having the right wiring and cabling system to support your operations is critical to maximizing your company’s daily operations. Let UCS make sure the right network is in place.
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