Unique Computing Solutions, Inc., a full service IT consulting firm, has been providing Bridgeview businesses with exceptional Server Support for nearly 15 years. We understand servers are the backbone that supports the day to day operations of your business. If the server stops, so does business as usual. Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our technicians are experts in all aspects of server support including:

  •   Setup
  •   Installation
  •   Diagnosis
  •   Repair
  •   Maintenance
Our server support technicians are here to provide support, ready to solve any server issue you may have. We’re in the field every day keeping Bridgeview businesses like yours running smoothly by providing expert trouble-shooting and effective solutions for all your server needs.

Server Support Services

Windows Server

Don’t wait for the other guys! UCS’s team of expert technicians are just a phone call away for support with installation, upgrading, troubleshooting and ongoing management of your Windows Server.
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Windows Small Business

Keep your day to day communications such as email and calendars running smoothly through this powerful data management system designed to support the software applications for small businesses.
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Windows Terminal Server

Multiple users can share a single software installation rather than using one on each workstation. Lower your costs with less software investment and infrequent hardware upgrades.
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Microsoft Exchange Server

From initial configuration to ongoing off-site management, UCS provides a full spectrum of services and support so you can optimize this communications system.
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