At Unique Computing Solutions, weíre committed to creating networks that support your companyís growth, protect your mission-critical data and minimize your overall costs.

By designing, installing and managing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for businesses in Bridgeview, our expert technicians can do all three at once. How?

Scalability: A VPN gives your company the communications capabilities it needs to enable your ever-growing base of employees, telecommuters and business partners to seamlessly exchange high-speed transmission of data, voice and video from remote locations.

Affordability: Leveraging the bandwidth and public availability of the Internet, a VPN replaces costly leased or owned lines.

Security: VPNs provide you with the convenience of remote access and the security of firewalls and data encryption, safeguarding communications from those outside your private network.

Whether your business is spreading across town or around the globe, UCS has the expertise and hands-on field experience to create VPN solutions that are guaranteed to keep communications between your satellite locations fast, reliable and secure.

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VPN Firewall Support Services

Dynamic VPN

Your business needs a VPN flexible enough to accommodate your changing IT needs. Dynamic VPNs offer the advantage of using standard, low-cost Internet access methods while using dynamic IP addresses. UCS can help you decide if a Dynamic VPNs is the solution you need for your business to have the network capabilities you want.
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Site to Site VPN

If you need secure communications between different company locations, weíll design, manage and install a cost-effective Site-to-Site VPN.
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Client VPN

Your resources are no longer restricted to your physical office. With our help, you and your employees can safely and securely access your network with a VPN connection.
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Network Security

Donít wait for a crisis! UCSís network security solutions will protect your company from viruses, worms, spyware and more. Invest in security now to avoid costly damage later.
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Terminal Server / RDP

Donít let outdated communications systems limit your companyís growth! Let USCís Microsoft experts expand your network by updating it with Remote Desktop Protocol Services.
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