Wireless Networking


Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. will design and install your wireless network customized according to the needs of your location. As WiFi networks have become common in industrial, commercial, and retail environments, we have installed numerous wireless networks in environments such as schools and universities, hospitals, warehouses, and home and business offices.

We offer a free on-site assessment for businesses in Bridgeview. Contact us now!

Wireless Network

We specialize in:

  •   Wireless Network Design
  •   WiFi and RFID Site Surveys
  •   Wireless Network Installations
  •   Wireless Security Audits
  •   Wireless Performance Audits
  •   Point-to-Point Wireless
  •   Point-to-Multi-Point Wireless
  •   Wireless Backhaul

Looking for longer-range, industrial wireless service?

UCS technicians are experts in configuring, installing and maintaining AvaLan’s

AvaLAN's 900MHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Radio

This cutting-edge device offers long-range point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless, connecting your remote printers, PC’s, VoIP phones, point-of-sale devices, digital signage and more for up to 40 miles depending on antennae size and terrain.

We’re in Bridgeview every day installing the AvaLan system for our industrial clients who need:

  •   Long-range networks that seamlessly connect through trees and other terrain challenges
  •   Security by connecting to Axis Cameras mounted in remote parking lots and warehouses
  •   Connections to workstations and printers from their main office to remote warehouses miles away

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Wireless and Cabling Survey

One of our expert technicians will perform a comprehensive site survey of your facility to determine the best wireless LAN solution for your location by:

  •   Evaluating your specific project needs
  •   Planning integration of new wireless LAN into your existing network
  •   Determining Access Point placement for minimal interference
  •   Determining the Wireless LAN Equipment list

We will also assess your required cabling needs in order to implement the wireless LAN by:

  •   Identifing MDFs (Main Distribution Frames) and IDFs (Intermediate Distribution Frames)
  •   Locating cable pathways to each Access Point position
  •   Planning cable runs and requisite cable mounting hardware
  •   Determining material needs such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches and fiber cable runs

We will then provide you with a comprehensive summary report that contains a wireless LAN plan customized to your facility.

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