Businesses in Bridgeview have been relying on Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. for IT support and outsourcing for nearly 15 years. We are known for our fast and effective Workstation Management Solutions. Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. offers a full spectrum of Workstation Management Solutions.

What does that mean to you?

It means having your own IT specialist just a phone call away for expert advice, assistance, security, crisis management and repair.

Our workstation support teams in Bridgeview serve hundreds of Users on the phone and in the field, answering questions about general desktop functions, recommending hardware and software selections, diagnosing and resolving computer malfunctions, and protecting and restoring mission-critical data.

Donít wait for a crisis!

Call us today with your questions about how to avoid costly downtime by keeping your workstations running smoothly. We will be happy to provide a free on-site assessment!

Workstation Support Services

Workstation Replacement

When your workstation is not starting up, or freezing when it does, rebooting, bluescreening, or when programs are moving slow - that's when you know that your workstation needs a replacement.
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Computer Repair

Is your computer is running slowly, shutting down or freezing up? Minimize your down-time by calling UCS expert technicians to get up and running again.
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Anti-Virus Protection

Invest in protection now to avoid costly damage and repairs later. Weíll help you find the best anti-virus protection that fits the scope of your business and the size of your budget. read more

Malware/Virus Removal

Donít let malware and viruses stop valuable production time. UCS technicians are experts at diagnosing and removing these damaging infections. read more

Data Backup & Recovery

Keep critical documents safe and secure through UCSís on-site or off-site data backup. Having a crisis because your data is already lost? Call UCS and weíll help you find it. read more

Preventive Maintenance

Providing ongoing care for your IT system stops problems before they even begin. Call UCS today to find out more about our computer and operations maintenance services. read more

Desktop Support

Our expert technicians are ready to provide on or off-site help and advice to solve annoying and time-wasting problems with your hardware, software and internet connections. read more

Software Selection

Donít invest in software without knowing itís compatibility with your current IT infrastructure. UCS has the knowledge and experience to ensure your choices fit your business. read more

Software Support

From fixing your Quickbooks to synchronizing your Blackberry, UCS provides technical support for over 24 different operating systems and application software. read more

Hardware Selection

Donít do it alone when selecting hardware. Based on our extensive experience, weíll give recommendations regarding industry rating and system compatibility. read more

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